About Us

We let young people build their credit through nontraditional data points.

Breaking the barriers of credit building.

After 1700 in depth interviews across 1000 study hours we learned that the majority of young adults don’t have viable ways to start building credit. Many of them don’t know their credit score or don’t know how to improve their current one. 


We knew that there were indicators other than credit card and loan payments that could be tracked to provide an assessment of creditworthiness. That’s where Hatch Credit comes in. Hatch Credit allows users to log their recurring payments —such as subscriptions or rent— as credit history to improve their credit scores immediately. Using those same data points, the app also tracks users’ monthly spending in order to provide money saving advice. 

Key Features


Report rent, subscriptions, memberships and other recurring payments to build credit history 


Get tips on how to save more money towards the things you care about and keep track of your savings progress


Educate yourself with our full financial literacy program while collecting rewards, including extra cash 

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